Working for You...


The Indiana Park and Recreation Association:

  • Advocates for Parks and Recreation at local, state, and national levels.
  • Offers continuing education and other resources to educate Park and Recreation professionals.
  • Partners with other organizations, conservation and wellness groups to be a stronger voice.
  • Promotes resources like, social media, and district and section meetings that provide networking opportunities for IPRA members.
  • Provides companies in the field an opportunity to display and promoted their service and products.
  • Distributes “The Profile” magazine and uses IPRA media to support member programs and events.
  • Recognizes outstanding professionals, parks, events, programs, and volunteers in the field.
  • Promotes research and education in the field via universities and institutes.


Who is IPRA?

The Indiana Park & Recreation Association is a membership based organization that exists for the benefit of over 900 park and recreation professionals in the state of Indiana. We offer several membership levels including agency and corporate options as well as a growing base of student membership committed to enhancing the field.  IPRA is responsible for more than 40 annual events geared toward professional development, continuing education, and community enhancement.

About IPRA


An IPRA membership is the key to enhancing professional development, networking, and resources for recreation and leisure services to your community. We offer over forty annual programs, workshops, and events specifically designed to provide a progressive experience. Membership brochures can be accessed below, we invite you to join today.